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Not Just Sleepless but Homeless too in Seattle…

Without taking the emotionally charged opinion to homelessness and YES I do have one as we all do but let me first explain I have some work to do on this as I have had the worst luck with being objective and not internalizing the matter. The reason being is I had some individuals break into my car and driving a German car with frameless windows lets just say breaking a single window cost $1,200.00 and later to hear catalytic converter are being stolen by nefarious individuals just not happy moments for me. I wanted to accept these additional considerations when choosing a new home without being ashamed to accept the new normal factors of living in Washington as we all are working with conditions of make life better for all without judgment in the presence of tolerance.

How does homeless populations affect your real estate value ?

Just like anything it has an effect both coming and going and I mean is if your selling your home the potential buyers will notice the presence of the homeless presence and they may or not in a attempt to be polite inquire regarding the matter but a good real estate agent will be sure to see it and point it out as they many give compelling case to search else where as securing the best result for the buyer is job one! Other factors as a buyer that may present is the price negations which is normally part of the transactions just may become a sore point due to the line of dilapidated RV’s parked in a row or another homeless encampment that seems to garner just so much attention will sure to garner price negotiations if the buyers are remotely interested they will ask for steeper reductions, so what make sense is to do the following :

  • Address the very obvious situation as it cannot be ignored and as an example; ask for help if this is directly outside your door consult with the local police to see if you can have assistance in putting distance between you and the situation. Now knowing police are tested as resources are stretched thin so be understanding as this problem is widespread.

  • A good fence always works and may ad value so a nice wood fence at the proper height just provide an extra level of safety even if superficial.

When homeless caravan of RV's moves into your neighborhood

This happens just as it did in my neighborhood and hopefully it does NOT happen to yours but if it does what are your rights if any ? Well their is a 72 hour rule regarding parking on various city streets but city officials are very open regarding bending the rules if the

  • Once again as well cost effective thing to do is get a security system such a Ring Doorbell Camera, Simplisafe security system or any other cost effective tool that would help the buyer to lean the final decision in your direction while possibly increasing the value of your home.

What to do about new “neighbors” moving in and you can’t move out and you’re ready to sell?

This is one that takes thought but also you're all ready know you want to leave so the answer is really what price as a seller are you willing to accept? I’ve learned cutting your losses sometimes can be rewarding in more was than one. If you want to sell and your are in the above situation consider the state of the market for real estate is starting to shift.

Once a true sellers market has started to wain and due to rising rates fewer buyers are looking and thus sellers are soon to face the fact of becoming “motivated” to close the deal.

  • Be ready with your “A game” I would employ a market competitive price while still understanding value.

  • Remove all personal feelings as this is a business deal along with knowing the change in market (its no longer a sellers market but transitioning to a buyers market).

  • “Kill’em with Curb Appeal” do as much on the outside that deflects what goes on outside of your property line. Such as a really good looking yard and fresh pressure wash to the outside of the home and a new painted door or shutters if present as these are all cost effective and requirer little money and lots of elbow grease will payoff.

  • Open up to all types of loans from Conventional, FHA, VA or offering to pay closing cost that will help the buyer to get your property sold so you can move on.

So in a changing market with difficult circumstances making the best of them with ideas that are based on increasing value while being cost effective creates big rewards along with a selling price you can respect.

Having questions can only help so let's chat 206.762.7352 or email

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